Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Led by Professor Sutanu Sarkar, the members of the CFD lab use state of the art numerical tools to study turbulence and turbulent phenomena in engineering and the environment.

Latest news

  • Aug 2016
    Anikesh Pal Defense
    Congratulations to Anikesh Pal on receiving his PhD! Anikesh has joined University of California at Los Angeles as a post-doctoral researcher.
  • Nov 2015
    Vamsi Krishna Chalamalla Defense
    Congratulations to Vamsi Krishna Chalamalla on receiving his PhD! Vamsi has joined the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a post-doctoral researcher.
  • Jun 2015
    Narsimha Reddy Rapaka Defense
    Congratulations to Narsimha Reddy Rapaka on receiving his PhD! Narsimha has joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology as a post-doctoral researcher.
  • Oct 2014
    Eric Arobone Defense
    Congratulations to Eric Arobone on receiving his PhD! Eric has joined the Stanford University as a post-doctoral researcher.